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Outdoor Electric Grilling – Transforms an Outdoor Kitchen with Luxury


Specify an ElectriChef Outdoor Grill for your next gourmet outdoor kitchen design. 

High-rise and condominium residents are surprised and delighted to discover they don’t have to give up grilling when there’s an ElectriChef flameless electric grill in their outdoor kitchen. Designed and built to professional-grade outdoor kitchen appliance standards, this is the most durable outdoor grill available.

Developers, Architects & Designers see the value of incorporating the ElectriChef built-in outdoor grill into their outdoor kitchen designs or simply using the tabletop model in a common area. It is easy to see why this is one of the most desirable luxury apartment amenities. ElectriChef grills made in the USA can bring exclusivity and luxury to individual condominiums or the entire project.

“Property developers report ElectriChef electric grills in their outdoor kitchen designs reduce property sales times.”

Luxury Amenity – High ROI

  • Rugged ElectiChef stainless steel grills made in the USA may be the last grill you will every have to buy.
  • Occupancy rates on luxury rentals are higher when there is an outdoor grill on the balcony, perfect for an outdoor kitchen.
  • Electric outdoor grills eliminate the labor cost of purchasing, transporting, and installing propane tanks.

Outdoor Kitchen Designs

  • Outdoor kitchen designs are no longer limited by anti-gas or charcoal ordinances.
  • High end professional grade appearance.
  • Best electric outdoor grill for grilling, baking or veggies.
  • Precise temperature control from 150 to 600 degrees.

Grilling Safety

  • Eliminates the user nervousness from when a gas grill ignites.
  • Removes the handling of propane tanks and gas explosion liability from improper installation.
  • Stay cool handles improve grilling safety.
  • Precise temperature control reduces flare-ups.
  • Built in timer with automatic safety shut-off for worry free grilling.

Grilled Veggies



Specify an ElectriChef Electric Outdoor Grill

Developers and Architects – interested in learning more about how ElectriChef gourmet electric grills will improve your ROI for that next development project? We speak your language!

Designers – spec ElectriChef gourmet grills and delight your next luxury client with the quality they expect. Whether in their summer kitchen design or on their next yacht, these grills will delight and may even cause a little grill envy among their friends.

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