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Care & Usage

Your ElectriChef is built for minimum maintenance. 

Even so, a few helpful tips will keep it looking and working like new.


Your ElectriChef flameless grill is the epitome of convenience.  Just turn it on, set the temperature and it’s ready in minutes.  Here are some basic guidelines for a great grilling experience:

• If you’re using a portable, tabletop ElectriChef, be sure to place it where you want to use it before plugging it in.  Do not move it after plugging in and heating the grill.

• Allow the ElectriChef to heat to the desired temperature before you begin to cook your food.

• There are no “hot spots” with an ElectriChef grill so no need to move your food from place to place for even cooking.

• As with all extremely hot surfaces, keep children away while your ElectriChef is in use.


• Use a non-abrasive stainless steel cleaner on the stainless surfaces.

• The grilling grids go straight into the dishwasher.

• To clean them by hand, soak in hot water with a strong dish detergent to loosen any build up.

• Digital readout pads should be cleaned with glass or all-purpose cleaner.

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 With ElectriChef, getting replacement parts is quick and easy. 

Because we are both the manufacturer and distributor of ElectriChef grills, we have a full inventory of replacement parts on hand — ready to be shipped directly to your door. If you have any questions about which parts to order or how to install them, call 800.442.7207 or email us at