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An Outdoor Electric Grill – Tops Luxury Apartment Amenities

A Outdoor Electric Grill that solves property managers’ needs for durability, safety, low maintenance and code restrictions.

Residents moving into condominium and apartment complexes appreciate luxury apartment amenities, like outdoor grilling on an ElectriChef premium stainless steel grill.

Whether in common areas or on your resident’s own patio, these high end outdoor grills make it easy to give up the mess and safety issues associated with charcoal or gas grilling. Our design and installation experts work with property managers to create an outdoor kitchen or outdoor grilling area that will be one of your most sought after apartment amenities.

Delightful Flavor

  • No combustion byproducts for pure food flavor.
  • Sear steak perfectly with 600° F temperature.
  • Best outdoor electric grill for grilling, backing or veggies.

Outdoor Entertainment

  • Outdoor electric grills are perfect for outdoor kitchens.
  • A coveted luxury amenity for modern lifestyles.
  • Perfect complement to a poolside party.
  • Easy to use, set exact temperature desired.

The ElectriChef stainless steel grill is designed for outdoor grilling

durability and low maintenance.


  • Tabletop models are the perfect electric outdoor grill for common use areas.
  • Built in models are ideal for outdoor kitchen designs.
  • An outdoor grill that stays beautiful for years.


  • Heavy gage stainless steel grill built to withstand outdoor BBQ grilling for years.
  • All ElectriChef grills made in USA.
  • An outdoor grill that stays beautiful for years.

Low Maintenance

  • No charcoal ash disposal.
  • No gas canisters to refill.
  • All electric grills, no gas fittings to malfunction.
  • Stainless steel construction for easy cleaning.

Uncompromising Safety

  • Electric grills improve grilling safety.
  • Eliminate gas grill explosion hazards.
  • Eliminate transportation of gas cylinders.
  • Automatic cutoff timer for grill safety.

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Improve your property with luxury Outdoor Electric Grills

A variety of ElectriChef flameless electric grills are available for a resident’s balcony or in a common area around a pool, in a clubhouse setting, or on a rooftop.

For an enhanced living experience providing an amenity that many desire, ElectriChef grills provide a great selling point. Contact us to see which ElectriChef grill works best for you. Call 800.442.7207 or email to find out more.

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