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Finally a flameless, electric grill for serious grill masters.

First developed for luxury condominium owners who couldn’t have gas or charcoal grills, ElectriChef flameless grills quickly won the approval of serious grillers everywhere.  Here’s why:

•  Industrial-grade stainless steel construction — built to withstand the elements and last for years

•  Digital read-out on all models allows for precise, even temperature control up to 600º — for that perfect, juicy sear

•  Stainless steel cooking grids and drip trays designed for easy removal and cleaning

•  Built-in timer with automatic shut-off; not only do they watch your food for you, they automatically shut the grill off – an important safety feature.

•  Sturdy, locking side shelves; won’t collapse under the weight of heavy dishes and fold down and out of the way for easy storage.

•  Wide variety of styles and sizes ranging from 14” X 16” (224 sq. inches of grilling area) to 22” X 48” (1,056 sq. inches of grilling area)

•  Made in the USA and delivered fully assembled

Electri-Chef ® Flameless Grill Accessories

The ElectriChef Story

Necessity is the mother of invention and for the serious outdoor chef, few things are more necessary than a great grill. The inspiration for ElectriChef came when inventor, William A. Jones, Jr., decided it was high time for a flameless grill that delivered the cooking characteristics of traditional grills without the safety issues and inconvenience. He also set out to create a healthier grilling experience that lets you enjoy the real, authentic taste of the food without the overtones of propane and charcoal.

ElectriChef was born and has become the grill of choice.

Those who use one of our grills because they live where charcoal and gas grills are not permitted quickly come to realize they would choose an ElectriChef no matter where they lived.  It simply outperforms all other grills on all measures of quality including convenience, durability, precision control, safety and, of course, grilling.