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Improve your property with Outdoor Electric Grills where gas and charcoal aren’t allowed

No Flame Compliance

A great grilling experience isn’t dependent on a flame! Our flameless electric grills ensure you get all of the flavor without breaking any local fire ordinances.

Durable Construction

A great outdoor grill should be built to last! Our electric grills are made of heavy-gauge stainless steel, ensuring durability & longevity.

Low Maintenance

Easy-to-clean and low-maintenance, you’ll never have to refill a gas canister or dispose of charcoal ash when you use our electric outdoor grill!

Uncompromising Safety

Keep your property safe when you take advantage of our built-in safety features. With an electric grill, you never have to worry about gas-grill explosion hazards or transporting gas cylinders.


Increase Property ROI with a Luxury Outdoor Electric Grill

Did you know occupancy rates on luxury rentals are higher when you have a grill available? Attract guests and keep them coming back when you create the right experience. Simply put, memories are made around the grill. Discover the impact an outdoor grill can make on your business.

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