Luxury Outdoor Electric Grills
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No Flame Compliance

A great grilling experience isn’t dependent on a flame! Our flameless electric grills ensure you get all of the flavor without breaking any local fire ordinances.

Durable Construction

A great outdoor grill should be built to last! Our electric grills are made of heavy-gauge stainless steel, ensuring durability & longevity.

Low Maintenance

Easy-to-clean and low-maintenance, you’ll never have to refill a gas canister or dispose of charcoal ash when you use our electric outdoor grill!

Uncompromising Safety

Keep your property safe when you take advantage of our built-in safety features. With an electric grill, you never have to worry about gas-grill explosion hazards or transporting gas cylinders.


Improve Revenue by Selling Premium Electric Grills

Establish yourself as a premium vendor by showcasing a luxury electric grill in your inventory. Only ElectriChef grills provide the full barbecue experience from a flameless alternative.

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Keep your inventory stocked with the best in outdoor electric grilling. Our expansive selection makes it easy to find the perfect fit to add value to your showroom.