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ElectriChef Customer Testimonials

Dave Hermann – Salado, TX

“I’m Dave Hermann, partner and executive chef at The Range at the Barton House in Salado, Texas.  I’ve been back here all day cooking on this ElectriChef grill and I’m not afraid to tell you I’m nothing short of impressed with the quality and versatility this grill.  All day long we’ve cooked everything from bacon and eggs and biscuits, to crown roast, to pork chops…  We’re now cooking Surf & Turf, and this grill has handled every ounce of work we’ve thrown at it.  Definitely a high quality product… fantastic.

I’ll tell you what I love about this grill is the heat that it maintains and can generate so you can cook your burgers without them sticking all over the place to your grill.  Your hot dogs cook up nice, your brauts cook up nice, but yet nothing’s burnt.  Awesome!”




James A. Howe – Motor Yacht Mimi

“Our ElectriChef grill with its’ easy-to-clean stainless steel construction is perfect for our use.  When running off shore it is continually exposed to saltwater mist, yet after four years of continuous use it still looks and performs like new.

When cruising calm seas, we often put a roast or chicken on the rotisserie, grill while underway and dinner is ready when we anchor for the night.  Over our many years of boating, we’ve tried lots of grills and absolutely none measure up to ElectriChef.”




Bob Alverson – Portofino, FL

“Thanks for the excellent info/parts order service today.

I have a charcoal grill in Alabama, an LP Gas Grill in Arizona and my ElectriChef Grill at Portofino in Florida.

Your product is absolutely my favorite!  Turn it on, cook, turn it off, eat!  Yes!!  No flammable lighter, charcoal, ashes, dust, etc.  No empty LP tank to discover on the holiday event or the middle of cooking!!  No hassle.  I love my ElectriChef Electric Grill!!!”




Louis D. Berkman – Texas

“We have all gotten used to traditional gas or charcoal grills. In my current residence, I can not have an open flame or coals in the common area. I was forced to look at electric grills and initially I was NOT happy. In my searches, I accidentally found Elecri-Chef. After reading their information and speaking with them, I purchased one of their Safire grills. I was able to do this because I have a 20 amp 120 volt outlet outside.

The unit I purchased is ALL (and I mean ALL) stainless steel, so no worries about rusting. Now that I have figured out how to properly use the grill, I am really delighted with its performance. Lower temperatures for longer time consistently produce flavorful, juicy results. Being able to dial in an exact temperature is terrific. I am able to use my grill with a pizza stone and bake fabulous pizzas.

As for flavor, this is where my Safire really shines. Because there are no products of combustion, flavors are clean and pure. Meats taste grilled, but have no underlying burned taste. Vegetables cook evenly with great appearance and taste. I can even BAKE on this grill.

I will say that I like it so much that I am installing one of their larger 220volt grills in our vacation house in Louisiana. This should be quite interesting. Louisiana is the home of traditional grilling and I expect to have a lot of questioning looks when it is installed.

Finally, the ElectriChef products are made in Texas. It is nice to be able to buy something made HERE for a change.”